100% recyclable mannequin

We are always looking to offer more sustainable, responsible products and services. So we developed Re-Flex, a mannequin that is 100% industrial recyclable.

what this means to you

Mindful materials

Our Re-Flex mannequin is a sustainable and durable option. The PS has a 400-year material life and a 50% integration into new mannequins.

Fusion recycled mannequin.

manufacturing matters

Our on continent, for continent manufacturing approach significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Because we own manufacturing and production facilities in Mexico and China, we can offer lower shipping costs, timing, and impact than our competitors.

an environmental end-of- life story

We’ve eliminated the “one and done” single-use product. We offer a closed-loop end-of-life solution. When it’s time to say goodbye to any of our products, we organize the pick-up and logistics; all you have to do is call.

Fusion mannequin being recycled.

Closed-loop cycle

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